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11. Printable Electronic and Intelligent Packaging

Tim Marsden


Project Manager, Printable Electronics, The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

Leader, Printable Electronic and Intelligent Packaging Workstream (App E)


The App E element of the Remedies project has sought to develop smart packaging concepts for use in the pharmaceutical supply chain, principally to measure environmental conditions which shipments are subjected to. This includes measuring temperature as a minimum, but also seeking to measure other areas such as humidity, shock and providing a light solution too.


One of the initial objectives has been to develop product concepts to measure and monitor temperature and humidity – replacing industry standard rigid ‘temptales’ with a flexible label based on Near-Field-Communications (i.e. where you can utilise an Android phone to read the data). Partners have been working with a number of companies, such as NXP, to provide solutions for measuring and logging temperatures.


Transit trials of the Remedies label have been carried out, also developing a mobile phone app and testing these labels via an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) database called MongoDB. These trials have highlighted the usefulness of smart labels in the supply chain, providing real-time data, but also providing an historical view of a products journey.


Ambitious Roll-to-Roll manufacturing trials have commenced with a view to scaling up the process further, potentially demonstrating the larger numbers of products required for testing in the supply chain.


With an eye to the future, the App E partners have engaged – and continue to engage with – a smart labels manufacturer and are currently exploring options with the manufacturer and how we can support each other moving forward post-Remedies.