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8. Supercritical Fluids in Particle Engineering

Catherine Hunter


Director, Crystec Ltd

Supercritical Fluid-Based Crystal and Particle Engineering Workstream (App C)


The supercritical fluid (SCF) particle engineering workstream, led by Crystec, represents an alternative, more cost-effective and accelerated approach to product manufacture. As a ‘bottom-up’ process, the technology allows generation of functional particles and simplified formulations, whilst improving performance and enabling alternative routes of delivery (e.g. inhaled, nasal). The technology allows for flexibility of scale and as a single-step, high yielding process, also offers the potential to reduce manufacturing costs.


The ReMediES programme has facilitated a broader application of the technology. Continued research into novel applications of the technology has paved the way for new solutions to bioenhancement and particle morphology control. In addition, new opportunities for seeding, continuous crystallisation and particle engineering for direct compression have also been created. The work undertaken has also allowed broader implementation to other InnovateUK programmes through an expanded knowledge base, network and operational capability.


Overall through ReMediES, Crystec has further strengthened its capability to develop drugs rapidly and effectively. The establishment of a commercial scale cGMP plant in the UK (at Juniper Pharma Services), has re-shored high value manufacturing from China. This ultimately allows rapid transition from early research of challenging molecules to full-scale commercial manufacture for clinical supply.