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Take your medicine: Jag Srai talks to Research Horizons magazine

The leader of the REMEDIES Commercial Supply Chain says the pharmaceutical industry is on the cusp of a huge change.

Speaking to Research Horizons magazine, the Head of the Centre for International Manufacturing at Cambridge University, Dr Jag Srai, says the advent of continuous manufacturing combined with digital technologies are transforming supply chains through flexible production and automation, using sensors to track location, quality and authenticity, and using big data analytics on consumption patterns.

Dr Srai predicts that one of the big impacts for patients will be in using technology – matched with new approaches to manufacturing – to help people take their medicines every time they need to, perhaps at a dose that exactly matches their condition on that day:

“As in the world of e-commerce, we are at the early stages of understanding how this consumer and patient data can inform the supply chain,” says Jag. “But we can now contemplate scenarios in certain therapeutic areas, in which each dose a patient takes is fully optimised for the here and now, and manufactured continuously, or even printed on demand.”


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Or in Research Horizon’s magazine (page 31)