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ReMediES at Pharma Integrates Conference

The ReMediES project will be exhibiting at the Pharma Integrates conference in London on 15 and 16 November.

Meanwhile several members of the team will be speakers and taking part in conversations and panels at the conference.

Jagjit Singh Srai, Research Director of ReMediES is a panellist for the New Pharma Supply Chain strand’s discussion of ‘data-driven transformation in the pharma industry alongside’, Andrew Share from the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies team at GSK.

ReMediES Project Director, Clive Badman is a panellist for a session in the Financing the Future and Paying for Innovation on the theme of: ‘how do new commercial models change the innovation investment model?’

Alex Robertson, Senior Director of Supply Chain management at AZ is chairing a session in the strand on Outsourcing Strategies asking the question: ‘how can CDMOs play a better, more strategic role in the greater pharma supply chain and better serve their customers?’ Alex’s colleague Tim Wrate, Manufacturing Director at AstraZeneca, is a panellist for the discussion: ‘Delivering the Undeliverable, the Reinvention of CDMOs in an Era of Uncertainty’.

Bernhard Paul, General Manager, European Pharma Solutions at Johnson Matthey, joins the panel on ‘strategic alliances and innovative outsourcing’ as part of the Future of Pharma Biotech strand.

Dave Tudor, Head of Strategy for GSK’s global manufacturing and supply operations will be sitting alongside Craig Johnston, Industry Director at CMAC, on a panel as part of the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Chains strand examining ‘disruptive thinking for next-generation pharmaceuticals’.

ReMediES Partner CrystecPharma wins CPhI Excellence in Pharma Award

Crystec has been awarded the CPhI Excellence in Pharma Award for Contract Services and Outsourcing. The award was presented for Crystec’s modified supercritical anti-solvent (mSAS) technology for accelerated product development, and chosen from shortlisted companies including 3M, Alcami, Catalent Pharma Services and Merck.

The winners of the CPhI Awards were announced on Tuesday 24th October during an awards gala in Frankfurt, Germany. Crystec’s CEO, Paul Thorning, said of the prestigious award: “It is our great pleasure to have been recognised for our work across the industry through our expertise in crystallisation and particle engineering. Our mSAS technology platform has the potential, not only to add value to product development programmes through improving the performance of medicines, but to streamline product development, reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate the route to market. We are very proud of our company and of the solutions that we provide for our clients, as well as our own development programmes. We are particularly honoured to have won this award in the company of such renowned organisations.”


Take your medicine: Jag Srai talks to Research Horizons magazine

The leader of the REMEDIES Commercial Supply Chain says the pharmaceutical industry is on the cusp of a huge change.

Speaking to Research Horizons magazine, the Head of the Centre for International Manufacturing at Cambridge University, Dr Jag Srai, says the advent of continuous manufacturing combined with digital technologies are transforming supply chains through flexible production and automation, using sensors to track location, quality and authenticity, and using big data analytics on consumption patterns.

Dr Srai predicts that one of the big impacts for patients will be in using technology – matched with new approaches to manufacturing – to help people take their medicines every time they need to, perhaps at a dose that exactly matches their condition on that day:

“As in the world of e-commerce, we are at the early stages of understanding how this consumer and patient data can inform the supply chain,” says Jag. “But we can now contemplate scenarios in certain therapeutic areas, in which each dose a patient takes is fully optimised for the here and now, and manufactured continuously, or even printed on demand.”


Read the full article at

Or in Research Horizon’s magazine (page 31)

ReMediES partners Juniper and Crystec sign agreement for next generation medicines

Crystec and Juniper Pharma Services are working together as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) project, ReMediES. Juniper Pharma Services will bring its expertise in characterisation, formulation development and GMP production to the supercritical fluid (SCF) manufacturing platform, ultimately reshoring this high value manufacturing process to the United Kingdom.

Read the full press release here:

Remedies Partners’ Meeting – 16th September 2015

Following the recent release of capital spend and funds for recruitment, a full Remedies consortium partner meeting was held at the IfM Cambridge to review progress on individual project workstreams and agree forward plans.



The review meeting included workstream presentations, break-out sessions evaluating emerging opportunities and cross-project linkages, and feedback from external advisors. The full partner meeting followed separate steering group and workstream leaders’ meetings earlier in the week as well as several individual workstream meetings held at the IfM. External advisors complimented the team on the progress made and on the organisation and review structures for this multi-workstream, multi-strand activity. Prospective partners Johnson Matthey and AMT joined the meeting to discuss the proposed new workstream on ‘enzymes in flow’. A key issue was how to link up with other relevant stakeholders beyond the Remedies project as keen interest from other pharmaceutical firms was noted, particularly in relation to the platform projects and selected application workstreams.

The next meeting of the full partner group will be held at the new Technology Innovation Centre, part of the CMAC University of Strathclyde facilities, in Glasgow, March 2016.


REMEDIES moves on to next stage

The REMEDIES (RE-configuring MEDIcines End-to-end Supply) project has accelerated into its next phase following the approval of £11.2m of government funding. The project is further strengthened by an £11m contribution from industry, matching the figure raised through Round 4 of the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI).