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ReMediES at Pharma Integrates Conference

The ReMediES project will be exhibiting at the Pharma Integrates conference in London on 15 and 16 November.

Meanwhile several members of the team will be speakers and taking part in conversations and panels at the conference.

Jagjit Singh Srai, Research Director of ReMediES is a panellist for the New Pharma Supply Chain strand’s discussion of ‘data-driven transformation in the pharma industry alongside’, Andrew Share from the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies team at GSK.

ReMediES Project Director, Clive Badman is a panellist for a session in the Financing the Future and Paying for Innovation on the theme of: ‘how do new commercial models change the innovation investment model?’

Alex Robertson, Senior Director of Supply Chain management at AZ is chairing a session in the strand on Outsourcing Strategies asking the question: ‘how can CDMOs play a better, more strategic role in the greater pharma supply chain and better serve their customers?’ Alex’s colleague Tim Wrate, Manufacturing Director at AstraZeneca, is a panellist for the discussion: ‘Delivering the Undeliverable, the Reinvention of CDMOs in an Era of Uncertainty’.

Bernhard Paul, General Manager, European Pharma Solutions at Johnson Matthey, joins the panel on ‘strategic alliances and innovative outsourcing’ as part of the Future of Pharma Biotech strand.

Dave Tudor, Head of Strategy for GSK’s global manufacturing and supply operations will be sitting alongside Craig Johnston, Industry Director at CMAC, on a panel as part of the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Chains strand examining ‘disruptive thinking for next-generation pharmaceuticals’.