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Project Report

A summary of some of our achievements



Meeting the Challenge Clive Badman OBE – ReMediES Programme Director

A Model for Collaboration Will Barton OBE – Independent Advisor to ReMediES

After ReMediES Clive Badman


The ReMediES programme examined both two overarching supply chain platforms – clinical and commercial – and breaking the work down into six smaller parallel workstreams (or Applications: Apps) to address some of the big challenges that were too big for one company or institution to address effectively on their own.


The Workstreams

Offering New Agility to Clinical Trials Andy Dwyer (Clinical Supply Chain)

Biocatalysis in Flow Markus Schober (App F)

Continuous Manufacturing Stewart Mitchell (App A)

Supercritical Fluids in Particle Engineering Catherine Hunter (App C)

Primary to Secondary Pharmaceutical Processing Liz Meehan (App B)

Next General Packaging Materials Heidi Keeling (App D)

Printable Electronic and Intelligent Packaging Tim Mardsen (App E)

Commercial Supply Chain Jag Srai, Research Director for ReMediES