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Dr Clive Badman OBE Dr Clive Badman OBE

  • Project Director, REMEDIES
  • Vice President and Head of Pre-Competitive Activities, GSK
  • Executive Director, Business Engagement Group, University of Strathclyde
  • Industrial Chairman of CMAC

Clive Badman took up the role of Vice President, Pre-Competitive Activities in GSK R&D in October 2013 having previously been responsible for GSK’s supply chain for worldwide clinical trials and the scale up and transfers of products from trials into manufacturing. The same month, he also took on a role in the Business Engagement Group at Strathclyde University where he is a Visiting Professor and Chairman of CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation).

In 2014, he took up the role of Project Director for REMEDIES, a project that brings together a broad mix of partners in a collaboration led by GSK and centred on Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing. REMEDIES seeks to reimagine the entire medicines manufacturing and supply chain to make it fit for the challenges of 21st Century healthcare.

Clive joined Beecham Pharmaceuticals in 1978 and held positions of increasing responsibility in Development and Production in factories and central teams, before moving to GSK R&D in 2002. He has a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from Dundee University. He was awarded an OBE in 2012 for services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Dr Jagjit Singh Srai Dr Jagjit Singh Srai

  • Leader, REMEDIES Commercial Supply Chain workstream
  • Head of Centre for International Manufacturing at University of Cambridge

Jag Srai heads up the Centre for International manufacturing at the Institute for Manufacturing, part of the University of Cambridge’s engineering department. The Centre’s focus is on how to design the manufacturing supply chain of the future by adopting new technologies across the end to end supply chain.

Jag’s interest in supply chains stems from a career in international manufacturing operations, primarily in Unilever, where he was responsible for the design, analysis and operation of manufacturing supply chains, working in the UK and across Europe, and taking on technical, and supply chain director roles internationally. A technology transfer project with Cambridge University led to him undertaking a PhD in supply chain design before moving to the university 15 years ago.

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Andy Dwyer Andy Dwyer

  • Leader, Clinical Supply Chain Platform
  • Head of Clinical Packaging Operations at GSK

Andy Dwyer is an organic chemist who has worked across a mix of different roles in England and Singapore. His career to date has focussed on the operation and development of manufacturing processes for both established commercial products and new medicines for clinical trials.

On returning from Singapore where he had led the team operating a pilot drug substance manufacturing plant, he moved to the other end of the supply chain, to lead GSK’s global clinical trials packaging operations network.

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John Mulgrew John Mulgrew

  • Workstream Leader: App ‘A’ – Continuous Manufacturing
  • Industry Collaboration Project Manager at CMAC – Strathclyde University’s Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallization

John has spent most of his career as a consulting engineer working with pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations to build large-scale manufacturing facilities. His studies to complete an MBA in corporate innovation led him to pursue his interest in getting more involved in innovation. He has been able to bring his experience from the pharmaceutical industry together with his project management skills to guiding multi-partner CMAC collaborations. He is also working with Clive to bring the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC), an open innovation centre, to Scotland.

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Dr Liz Meehan Dr Liz Meehan

  • Workstream Leader: App ‘B’ Primary to Secondary pharmaceutical processing
  • Pharmaceutical Technology & Development, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield UK

Liz has a degree in Polymer Science and Engineering, a PhD in Adhesion Science and is a material scientist with over 30 years’ industrial experience. She has worked in the Pharmaceutical Technology & Development function of AstraZeneca since 2003. She joined as an Associate Principal Scientist in Polymer Science focussed on developing a deeper understanding of structure-property relationships for polymeric excipients linked to excipient functionality in pharmaceutical dosage forms. In 2000 as an Associate Principal Scientist in Material Science she broadened her remit to include material properties of API, excipients and intermediates and their impact on drug product process and performance. In 2014, Liz progressed to Principal Scientist in Material Attributes and Product Performance and she currently has responsibility for the development of materials control strategies in drug product development to deliver robust pharmaceutical products and processes. She has worked on a variety of drug development projects involving a wide range of formulations and processes. She also has a responsibility to support materials science aspects of marketed pharmaceutical products throughout product life cycle management.

She is also a main board member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) for Europe

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Paul Thorning Paul Thorning

  • CEO Crystec Ltd
  • Crystec leads App ‘C’ – Supercritical Fluid-based crystal and particle engineering

Paul’s background was in engineering in the pharmaceutical industry moving later into licensing and health management roles. He is a mechanical engineer and MBA.

CrystecPharma started life as a very successful spin out from the University of Bradford that was sold to a US company, then brought back by Paul and one of its founders who relaunched it with many of its original team. Specialising in super-critical fluid technology in pharmaceutical crystal and particle engineering, it continues to work from Bradford with a wholly-owned subsidiary research company in Tianjin, China.

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Tim Marsden Tim Marsden

  • Leader App ‘E’: Printable electronics and intelligent packaging
  • Project Manager, Printable Electronics, at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), a UK-based technology innovation centre and part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

Tim previously worked in clinical packaging before becoming a project manager for the UK plastics industry working in London. He moved to CPI two years ago to work in the emerging field of printable electronics.

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Charles Wade Charles Wade 

  • Leader App F: Continuous Synthesis of Chiral Amines -Transaminases in Flow
  • UK Continuous Processing Chemistry Lead, API Chemistry, GSK

Charles is a process chemist who joined GSK’s Process Chemistry team 16 years ago after completing his undergraduate and PhD degrees. His work has been around developing new approaches and routes to manufacturing GSK API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) portfolio.

Charles has worked with both new products and existing GSK APIs and has joined the company’s continuous processing group looking at applying continuous processing technologies and seeing where and how continuous processing can add benefit to GSK’s manufacturing network.

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Heidi Keeling Heidi Keeling 

  • Leader App D: Next Gernation Packaging Materials
  • Project Director, AstraZeneca

Heidi joined AstraZeneca 20 years ago after working as a student paramedic with the Greater Manchester Ambulance Service.

Since then she has moved to a new role, across every operational discipline, every few years. Heidi became a manager within five years of arriving at AZ, before becoming an area manager and now a project director.

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